¿Madrid de nuevo?

Noviembre en España: es una pena, no voy a poder ir, por diversas razones y responsabilidades. Habrá más oportunidades, continuará...
Me voy a ver el eclipse.

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  1. Hey, thought of dropping by, though I am more a foreigner in your blog. I think by reading your blog will stimulate my brain cell in interpreting Spanish. Hopefully it's not to the point of killing my brain cells... :p


  2. Can I post my reply over here? Just so that, it might be more convenient for you not to click any single button just to see ur replied msg on my blog... hehehe..

    anyway, infinite GRACIAS!!!!!! such a detailed complete information given by you!

    Hmm, hopefully, I'm still healthily survived in Texas to witness the prenumbral lunar eclipse... hehehe...

    Let me have the experience watching the upcoming eclipse before witnessing the once-again lunar eclipse ;) Coz 3 years are such a long way to go, and I am not even sure what will I be doing in the next few months!

    OooOooOoo, I'm learning Spanish directly from you huh? hahaha... it's great coz I have just flipped 2-3 pages out of infinite pages of the book I just bought not long ago... LOL

    p/s: just let me know if u prefer me to post the reply on my own comment box...